We liberate marketers

From morale-crushing busy work
From fact-less decision-making
From organizational silos
From costly redundancies
From autopilot


50 years ago, Marilyn Barnett changed marketing forever.

In 1972, Marilyn Barnett started the industry’s first commerce-centric agency—The Mars Agency. Her incredible foresight, commerce intelligence and pioneering spirit revolutionized the way brands connected with retailers and shoppers.


Today, Marilyn is at it again.

Marilyn Barnett’s pioneering spirit is at the heart of everything we do. Literally. Today’s Marilyn® is designed to reinvent the way the smartest humanity collaborates with technology—guiding them to better decisions, greater experiences and stronger results.


"Find a better way"

Marilyn Barnett


The Mars Agency is a global leader in omni-commerce marketing.