Measure your effectiveness.

Get the specifics on the specifics.
Let Marilyn   give your teams an unprecedented view of your marketing performance—down to the tactic. 



Know current program performance at a glance

Marilyn Results Evaluator uses program and sales data to provide an overview of campaign effectiveness that includes sales lift, brand share, gain and the impact the program had on the retailer’s share to prove out why the customer should continue to support the brand vs. competitors.

Know the true ROI of your shopper programs

Marilyn Shopper Marketing Mix Modeling understands true ROI by analyzing results at a brand, retailer, program, and even tactic level so that we can prove out its effectiveness and unlock more budget to build brand growth.


Know the real-time effectiveness of your media campaign

Marilyn Media Dashboard is the first self-service dashboard that aggregates shopper media performance data from multiple sources, to get a complete view across brands, retailers, vendors, and more.