Plan for growth.

Right audience. Right message. Right media. Right moment. Right? Right. Marilyn  uncovers the motivations and behaviors that make marketing work. From the digital to the physical shelf and everywhere in between, Marilyn delivers actionable insights to ensure every campaign asset does exactly what it’s supposed to when it’s supposed to do it. It’s planning made perfect.



Know insights
in no time.

Marilyn Pathfinder centralizes all relevant consumer and shopper content for a brand and eliminates time searching and sourcing. Information housed on the platform includes both primary research and secondary research provided from syndicated sources.


Know the most critical moments to reach your audience.

Marilyn Journey Mapper identifies all the purchase barriers and key inflection points on the shopper’s path to purchase to better inform the messaging and medium that inspires buying momentum.

Know the most effective media to reach your audience

Marilyn Influence Optimizer provides data-driven insight into a shopper’s media receptivity and how they use specific channels when shopping.

Know past performance to predict the ROI of future plans.

Marilyn Predictive Planner