Omni-commerce decision-making.

Made unfairly simple.

Marilyn® runs effortlessly alongside marketers as they take the necessary steps to develop, launch and track a successful omni-commerce marketing initiative.

At every critical business decision point, Marilyn® reveals game-changing intelligence that helps guide marketers to make the right decisions in the right moments.

What’s the real opportunity? Who and where do I target? How do I get more shoppers to buy? How do I ensure I have the right message with the right media? How do I activate the plan effectively and efficiently? How do I know that it’ll work? That it did work? These are the critical questions… not just to answer…but to get right. When you know what Marilyn® knows. It’s easy.


Designed for Collaboration

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Optimize your investments

Marilyn® Opportunity Sizer

Know the most effective sources to realize growth

Marilyn® Customer Portfolio Manager

Know where to invest to maximize retail growth opportunities.


Plan for Growth

Marilyn® eShelf Maximizer

Know how & where to improve your digital shelf for better performance.

Marilyn® Predictive Planner – Coming 2022

Know past performance to predict the ROI of future plans.

Marilyn® Content Hub – Coming Fall 2021

Know where to find, organize and share marketing and creative materials.

Marilyn® Pathfinder

Know insights in no time.

Marilyn® Journey Mapper

Know the most critical moments to reach your audience

Marilyn® Influence Optimizer

Know the most effective media to reach your audience


Measure for effectiveness

Marilyn® Results Evaluator

Know current program performance at a glance

Marilyn® Shopper Marketing Mix Modeling

Know the true ROI of your shopper programs

Marilyn® Media Dashboard – Coming Spring 2021

Know the real-time effectiveness of your media campaign


Connect all the dots & data

Marilyn® Smart Bridge

Know all the details of your marketing activity, all in one place.


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