Why Marilyn?


Back your work with fact

Powered by over 50 years of commerce experience and millions of data inputs, Marilyn® is the industry’s premier omni-commerce marketing platform.


Spend every hour more wisely

Get back to being the marketer you always wanted to be and leave the time-sucking busywork to Marilyn®.


Collaborate more brilliantly

Work with Marilyn® developers to custom tailor a common language, experience and metric for your teams—across the room, or the globe.


Budget with greater precision

Eliminate ineffective spending that drains budgets, team morale and competitive advantages with predictive modeling by Marilyn®.


See both sides of your marketing

Toggle your perspective between customer- and shopper-centric marketing activity in Marilyn’s® easy-to-navigate dashboard.


Prove your contribution to the broader business

Let Marilyn® help you find the confidence and data you need to sell your ideas and value up the ladder.